Nothing Beats A Healthy Home Cooked Meal


Learn to cook healthy to lose weight.

As a homemaker, my financial priorities depend on the needs of the family. Overweight at 40, I am torn between spending on a weight loss program or saving extra money for future home expenses.

But when I started to feel the frightful consequences of my excess weight, I had to seriously take some drastic steps. I was having difficulty in breathing and sleeping. I had to do something fast. That was when my husband and I decided that I join a weight loss program. I went online to check out the costs.

To my amazement there were many weight loss plans offering all sorts of systems to lose weight. Some were priced reasonably but some were really too expensive for us. Spending $80 to $130 weekly was not suitable for our budget. We had also thought of buying exercise machines but that would entail thousands of dollars as well. I was beginning to feel hopeless when I decided to resort to cooking healthy meals at home.

I soon found out that cooking at home was a healthier and a more affordable alternative. I started to use fresh ingredients which eventually led me to lose weight without spending a lot. The good thing about this was that my family also benefited from my healthy cooking.

All it really took was some serious meal planning. The cost was not so bad as well. I cooked healthy meals for one week and found out that the cost was not a far cry from our usual weekly food expenses. In reality, if I had to compute our regular food expense that included the food orders or take out, the healthier cooking alternative was actually cheaper.

Since then I have been cooking our meals. There is a variety of healthy recipes to choose from and my family is enjoying our home cooked meals. I have been losing weight and they have been enjoying my healthy kitchen creations.

So before looking for costly solutions for weight loss, look at the more basic diet options like home cooking. Nothing beats home cooking. It is healthier and more economical.

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  1. Athea says:

    Home cooking is just about the best option anyone can have to lose weight and to stay healthy. It’s just too bad that there are people like me who don’t have the time to cook. So with my busy schedule, my only option really is to depend on a meal replacement plan like Bistromd.

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