zennyfabFor years I have struggled to lose weight. For someone who stands at 5′ 1″ and weighs 165 pounds, you betcha I am what you would consider obese. I have to be honest with you, that was really a very depressing phase of my life. I just could not do much activities cause I did not have the energy nor the motivation to do anything. It sure was depressing.

Everything changed when I was inspired by an office mate who I saw transformed right before my eyes. It was not one of those extreme weight loss success stories. It was one that took a year of dedication and focused. Pat, my office mate, told me about her struggle with her weight and how that brought about Type 2 Diabetes. That was her rude awakening. She told me that since her diagnosis, she decided to change her lifestyle and set forth to lose weight no matter what.

I myself was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and could relate to her. I thought to myself, if Pat can do it, so can I. Pat really inspired me and that spurred my weight loss journey. After a year and a half (yes, it took me that long!), I was able to achieve my weight loss goal. I was able to lose more than 55 pounds!

My recent visit to my doctor was something I can never forget. My blood works came out really great plus my blood sugar levels are back to normal! Yes, I am really very ecstatic with what I have accomplished.

I have to thank Pat for inspiring me. If it wasn’t for Pat, I don’t think I would have started with this journey to losing weight. Thanks so much, Pat!

Very much happy to be 111 pounds. Zeny is definitely Fab!


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